Exhibitions and Publications

RAW Madison Artists Organization | August 2013 | Madison, WI

En Masse
Artist Statement Video

Illumination: The Undergradauate Journal of the Humanities | Spring 2013

Photograph of work published

This is How We Talk | April 2013 | Gallery 7
Group exhibition from the University of Wisconsin Advanced Painting Workshop
members. The APW is a faculty selected program for thirteen painting students, that offers these members their own studio space, private one on one critics with the professors as well as group critiques to help them advance their work and prepare for careers as professional artists.
Perception, Perceived | March 2013 | Common Wealth Gallery
Bachelor of Fine Art Exhibition of series of work developed over that year.
Illumination : The Undergraduate Journal of the Humanities | Fall 2012
Photograph of work published
You Know What I Mean | May 2012 | Gallery 7
Advanced Painting Workshop group exhibition.
University of Wisconsin Annual Bachelor of Fine Art Exhibition
Fall 2012 | Gallery 7
Paintings shown in group exhibition.
The 84th Annual Student Art Show
March 2012 | Porter Butts and Class of 1925 Galleries
Paintings shown in group show.
Methodologies | March 2012 | Gallery 7
Small metal workings shown as part of a group exhibition with MFA and BFA students in the Art Metals Program.
University of Wisconsin Annual Bachelor of Fine Arts Exhibition
May 2011 | Gallery 7
Paintings and drawings shown in exhibition.
Everything Is Happening (Right Now) | October 2010 | Art Lofts
Group exhibition of performance art work.
Univeristy of Wisconsin Foundations Show
September 2009 | Gallery 7
Drawings and 3D Design work shown in group exhibition.